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41 disruptive Companies in South Africa to watch in 2019

41 disruptive Companies in South Africa to watch in 2019

The theory of ‘disruptive innovation’ has been bandied about for many years and, according to the Clayton Christensen – the Harvard Business School professor who coined the phrase; the term is “widely misunderstood”.

Christensen says disruptive innovators are not companies like Uber who make a seismic impact on an industry; but rather a company like Netflix that’s stealing customers away from mainstream players. They take a new or existing product or service and exploit advances in technology to shake up the status quo. In this way, smaller companies with fewer resources can ‘dethrone’ established, big businesses.

It’s a case of ‘disrupt or be disrupted’ as we enter what the World Economic Forum calls the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. We’re well into it which is why, again according to the World Economic Forum; just over half the names of companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000.

Take a look at our list companies in South Africa that are emerging as disruptive innovators. All of them are capturing market with a rigorous focus on content marketing, SEO and technology solutions that plug gaps in their industries.

Copiers Africa

Copiers Africa is a leader in the field of office automation and now offers an online platform for businesses and individuals looking to buy or rent a copier machine or have one serviced. The company has the largest stock of both new and refurbished office copiers and offers a nationwide support network to service and maintain any product purchased or rented through Copiers Africa. View their full range now.

Interact RDT

Interact RDT (research, design technology) is a leader in the field of qualitative and quantitative research in South Africa. Through systematic study, observation and experiment, Interact RDT has developed an advanced formula that leverages the customer experience, user experience and market research to create insight-driven business models for their clients. CX and UX management is a key component to success and Interact RDT gathers and interprets valuable data to help their client’s make intelligent business decisions. View their latest CX tool.

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising is South Africa’s biggest print media advertising platform with more than 3 000+ listed newspapers and magazine to choose from. Search for the leading community, daily or weekly newspapers as well an extensive list of print magazines; obtain all the information you need such as advertising rates, readership figures, LSM reach, circulation and print format. Use the dedicated online platform for advertising placement and payment; it’s easy and hassle-free. Services include a dedicated advertising specialist and free advertising design.


Paperjet is changing the way people sign documents with an online document signing service. Fill in any form online and get documents signed instantly using the Drag Drop feature. Top forms available through Paperjet range from small business and personal legal forms to real estate and tax forms. Paperjet streamlines the creation of forms and spe up filling in, signing and distribution of important documents. They also offer the world’s most downloaded forms including the W9, W4, W3 , Lease Agreement , Eviction Notice , Medical Consent and more.

Payday Software Systems

Payday Software Systems offers a broad range of software for payroll, human capital and time and attendance management for companies operating in southern Africa. The company also offers extensive training courses and runs symposiums on current Payroll, PAYE and other HR-related topics. Payday Software Systems is on the frontier of cutting-edge technology, providing cloud-based solutions for HR and a mobile app-based TA system.

 Axon Wireless

Axon Wireless has experienced rapid growth in the last three years. As companies and government organizations in emerging markets scramble to deploy biometric KYC solutions for SIM Cards and Banking Services. Axon Wireless has been scooping up contracts with its biometric offerings. By leveraging biometrics and computer vision, Axon has put the power of a Home Affairs Office into its rugged biometric terminals loaded with the Face2Face Enrolment software.


SEOPros has established itself as a leading search engine optimisation (SEO) company based in South Africa, with a global footprint that extends to Mauritius, Dubai and Luxembourg. SEOPros boasts a team of highly-skilled SEO experts and content writers whose goal is to optimise your webpage and get you onto the first search page of Google and other search engines using a responsible and sustainable manner approach.

 Zinia ISP

Zinia is a leading business telecommunications and ICT company, providing solutions for internet connectivity, voice telecoms, fibre,  outsourced IT and specialised business services. Founded in 2009, Zinia has experienced exceptional growth in just under 10 years. The company is led by a team with extensive strategic business, technology and entrepreneurial experience ranging from LAN and WAN consulting and IT support and maintenance to distribution of CISCO, PBX and other related products.


KRS Software Development

KRS is a long-established software development company with a high focus on quality software and customer service. KRS drives engineering practices like Domain Driven Design, TDD and XP, also available as public workshops. A number of exciting responsive single page web applications and Sitefinity CMS projects are in the works for 2019.

 FMJ Financial Services

FMJ Financial Services is a leading tax practitioner and consultant in South Africa, offering expertise in individual tax returns, tax audits, penalty negotiations, objections, travel allowance claims, e-filing registrations and specialised tax advice. The company has made a name for itself in handling varied and complex tax cases.


Learn to trade or start trading today with QuickTrade; an award-winning online trading company. Founded in 2014, QuickTrade is one of the fastest-growing CFD and forex trading providers in South Africa. Practice demo trading on your QuickTrade MetaTrader 5 trading platform while you learn to earn.

SA s

Buy s now or learn to trade s with SA s. It’s an exciting new online platform that provides valuable information on JSE-listed s and services for the management of local and offshore portfolios and stock broking as well as foreign exchange payments/receipts. View all the major indices like JSE TOP 40, JSE TOP 100, ALSI NYSE and more. Open a free demo account or live account with ease.

Forex Trading Africa

Forex Trading Africa is a comprehensive online platform for people interested in learning forex trading and operating demo or real forex accounts. Forex Trading Africa introduces you to the intricacies of foreign exchange trading and helps you develop the ideal trading strategy for your level of expertise. The online trading platform also provides valuable information on currency movements and tips on how to manage your trading accounts to maximize your profits.

Stock Market College

Stock Market College is an established online resource for people interested in learning how to trade in s and foreign exchange. Well-over 500 new students enroll online each month; ranging from business students to full-time professionals. Stock Market College offers valuable information on how to trade online, how to develop a sound trading strategy and sets up demo and/or mini trading accounts to acquire the knowledge and experience needed to make a positive return on an fictious or real investment.

Stock Market Dynamics

Stock Market Dynamics is known for connecting people to the Financial markets. They offer access to advance education, and trading of multiple instruments. They are also holders in one of SA’s award winning Stock Brokerage’s, which allows clients access to trusted support and advice by qualified stock brokers. SMD is regarded as one of the most trusted companies in their field. and definitely the place to go for expert advice, to get you started in trading stocks and forex.


Businesses4sale is the largest digital platform in South Africa for businesses for sale; showcasing over a 1 000 unique opportunities which you can search for by Province or City. As the leading online business broking company, it offers three times as many screened and qualified buyers as any other business broker in South Africa. It also offers a FREE Appraisal service for a confidential, no-obligation appraisal for your business. The business broker digital platform is easy to navigate and uses advanced technology for online search facilities.

Commercial People South  Africa

The aim of Commercial People is connect people with property using sophisticated search technology. The digital platform makes it easy and quick for property agents, surveyors and business brokers to connect with potential buyers and renters in the South African market. Whatever type of commercial property you’re interested in and whatever city or town; Commercial People is a digital platform that offers a diverse, wide-ranging choice of properties and businesses. It’s the ideal portal that connects investors and agents across the globe.


CONTRACTORFIND.co.za™ saves you time and money by assisting with the tedious process of getting single or multiple quotes for building, maintenance and renovation projects for the residential, commercial and industrial building industry. The online platform also allows you to rate and review the work of the contractor you selected with regards to price, quality, supervision, communication and speed. CONTRACTORFIND.co.za™ has been hailed as the “Hippo” platform for property owners and contractors.  Visit CONTRACTORFIND.co.za™:

 Bundu Dakke

Bundu Dakke started out in small-town Lydenburg but has transformed to a behemoth in the roofing industry now servicing the entire South Africa from their new branch in Gauteng.  The company specialises in cladding thatch roofing with Harvey Tiles and Metro Tiles across South Africa and at any scale, from homes, to lodges, to estates and commercial premises. Bundu Dakke does all this at very competitive pricing from as little as R480(calculated on the square meters of roof size) making their Harvey tile prices very competitive.

Contract Us

ContractUs provides an easy, simple-to-use digital platform that connects contractors and property owners with one another. Contractors can find property owners searching for reputable operators for building maintenance and construction and property owners can search for contractors that offering building, property renovation, electrical, painting, plumbing and roofing services. Each contractor listed on ContractUs is vetted and verified so you have peace-of-mind you’re dealing with a reputable service provider.

Plastic Surgery.Review

PlasticSurgery.review is a dynamic online resource that’s changing the way people select and interact with cosmetic surgeons in South Africa and abroad. Hailed as the ‘TripAdvisor’ of the cosmetic surgery industry; the trusted past patient reviews, ratings, ‘before and after’ galleries and videos all help guide potential patients in both their choice of procedure, and most importantly, the surgeon who will perform it.

Dr Jose Nunes

The dental implants centre of Dr Jose Nunes is well known for the best all on 4 surgery in Perth. He is qualified and experienced in a number of dentistry fields and will always ensure that every all on 4 dental implants process is the best option for his patients.

Residential People South Africa

Residential People South Africa is a unique online property resource that offers free listings for real estate agents. It’s a centralised platform that makes it easy for people in the market to buy or sell property to find reputable real estate agents in their area. The property portal also offers useful marketing tools such as an automated PDF feature, Microsite and video development software.

Search All Photographers

Search All Photographers is a 100% free directory which makes finding the perfect photographer for your ne so easy and convenient. It’s the largest online photography search platform that also includes videographers, drone specialists and photographic deals. It was created by a passionate photographer who had a vision of creating a centralised review and booking platform. You’ll also find interesting blogs from contributors who give you valuable tips on everything from taking the best photographs to getting your photos noticed.


Advertiseinthe is a South African based company that has expanded into all commonwealth countries offering a one stop advertising agency to place any print in the world. It includes free ad design and a dedicated accounts manager for your campaign.

 BebedeParis South Africa

BebedeParis is an international online baby gift service offering a luxury range of personalised gift hampers for newborns. A unique difference is BebedeParis targets large corporates and business owners buying for their employees. You can build a baby hamper online with personalised monogrammed gifts and have it delivered to a hospital in Gauteng by a fully-dressed porter or delivered to a local or international address in 4-7 working days. BebedeParis South Africa is part of an international group and provides a premium service which takes the hassle out of shopping but retains all the joy of choosing the perfect gift for someone special.


Formerly Knowns as Henmar Home Assist, Livestainable.com has launched an online store focused on Energy Efficiency, Home Improvement, Sustainable Living and a healthy lifestyle. From a geyser blanket to an energy efficient solar camping kit, gas appliances, eco electronics and a diverse range of water filtration products. Supplying whatever you need nationwide with delivery from 2 – 4 working days. With the latest secure payment methods incorporated and well-known brands sourced from around the globe. Shop with LiveStainable.com and become Ecofficient.


When it comes to pursuing both sustainability profitability most companies usually fall short on either. Though leading the Superfoods – Health Alternative Food Industry for 12years, Soaring Free Superfoods is pioneering a de-centralised sustainably driven distribution model, with their new innovative Affiliate Decentralized wholesale business-model approach expected to roll out this year. A concept where your neighbour becomes your suppliers at below market prices you can convert your cashback to AIRBUX.


Promovate is a full-service advertising and marketing agency which specialises in creating and providing exceptional promotional gifts and clothing for their clients. The company has 16 years’ experience in sourcing promotion material and developing effective marketing campaigns. Services include graphic design, design and print, corporate identity and logos, medical copywriting, custom-built exhibition stands and event management.


Topwatch is a trusted online platform trading in pre-owned luxury watches. Only authentic, certified watches with warranties are sold on the site. Each watch is carefully inspected by Topwatch’s team of watch experts and its history of origin is carefully reviewed before a transaction takes place. With a boutique store in Johannesburg and Cape Town, it’s the best source in South Africa to buy and sell the leading brands of watches in the world  including Tag Heuer, Omega, Rolex, Breitling and much more.

 Dry Ice International 

Conveniently buy dry ice online form Africa’s leading retailer. With more than 25 years’ experience, Dry Ice International is synonymous with dry ice. It offers pellets, round and square blocks – Nationwide Delivery.

Smart Smart

This mobile online shop offers warranty backed refurbished phones direct to the public. They offer all the biggest brands including Android and Apple Phones. Nationwide Delivery.  Save up to 45% on your next cellphone.


Systemmaths and Prac Maths workbooks and study guides have helped and empowered South African learners, parents and teachers for over 20 years and continue to do so today.

The success of their products is due to a sound mathematical pedagogy which combines easy to grasp examples with applicable exercises. They are also one of the few ranges that provide free memos with all of their titles. In addition to their online store, they have recently become a vendor to Takealot.com. You can also find their products nationwide in variety of bookstores, such as PNA.


Most people understand the value of obtaining a good education and Amaniyah Publishers has been going above and beyond in this sector. Many of the top schools in South Africa use their math-and-science textbooks with colourful illustrations and comprehensive content. The results speak for themselves and, better yet, Amaniyah Edu-Aid now makes it possible for corporates to provide scholars with quality textbooks whilst receiving section 18A tax benefits. Order all your textbook requirements online.

Bustravel Iceland

Visit Iceland with one of the most experienced tour operators in the country. Bustravel Iceland was founded in 1960 but ‘re-imagined’ in 2015; taking the classic day tours and making them extraordinary. Bustravel Iceland has embraced the power of digital marketing to place Iceland on the top of traveller’s bucket lists, offering premium tours to Iceland’s iconic tourist destinations.

IG Tours

Iceland Guided Tours is a family-run company based in Reykjavik that’s made a name for itself as one of the best tour operators in southwest Iceland. IG Tours offer a selection of tour packages that combine Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions; the Golden Circle day tour and the Northern Lights. Outstanding guides show you the best of Iceland’s natural features which includes stunning landscapes, geysers, majestic waterfalls and glaciers and extensive black sand plains and beaches. It’s online booking platform is driven by advanced search technology to put IG Tours at the forefront of its competitors.

 Kruger Wildlife Safaris

Kruger Wildlife Safaris creates personalised safari tours to South Africa’s top safari destinations. The company prides itself in providing a truly authentic safari experience where a passion for wildlife and sustainable tourism as well as attention to detail makes them one of the best safari tour operators in the country. Tailor-made tours for small groups visiting the Kruger National Park is their specialty.

Mashalas Travel

Mashalas Travel has fast gained ground as a leading day tour operator in Gauteng, specialising in tours to Soweto and Johannesburg that are highly enlightening and entertaining. The tour operator has expanded its operational footprint to cover other major destinations in South Africa, including the Kruger National Park and the Cape. Mashalas Travel is SATSA Approved with a solid reputation for quality service and reliability.

MoAfrika Tours

Moafrika Tours has been taking international tourists to famous destinations in South Africa for more than two decades. Owner Anthony Colia leads a dynamic and enthusiastic team that strives to deliver tours that are fresh and fascinating. Places of interest for day tours includes Soweto, Johannesburg, Cape Town and the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. MoAfrika Tours also offer personalised long-stay tours to the Kruger National Park, Garden Route and the Cape Winelands as well as Victoria Falls and the famous national parks of southern Africa. They also focus on Uganda, Namibia and Botswana safaris.

Southern Circle Tours

Southern Circle Safaris is one of a growing number of respected smaller safari tour operators in South Africa that have made a name for themselves offering personalised and exclusive tours to the best safari destinations in the country. Owners Nic and Beate de Klerk pride themselves in offering unique safari experiences that showcase raw African wilderness at its best. Their outstanding guides are specialists in their own fields with expertise in tracking, birding and photography. View their best-selling Kruger National Park Safaris now.

Tydon African Safaris

Tydon African Safaris offers guests tented accommodation in the world-famous Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. The company is a close-knit, family-run business and this adds a layer of warmth and personality to the whole experience. Gavin and Vangie van der Merwe have over 20 years’ experience in hospitality and entertainment and love sharing their passion for the outdoors and camping with their guests. You’ll stay in one of their three private tented safari camps located in or adjacent to the world-famous Sabi Sands in the Greater Kruger National Park.