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7 MUST visit places in Budapest and why it should be your next travel destination

7 MUST visit places in Budapest and why it should be your next travel destination

Travelling in Europe is a feeling like no other. It is the perfect marriage of an old World charm with the beliefs and ideas of modernity.

Europe is that continent which experienced the heavy revolution of Renaissance. Sculptures, poets, painters, writers, you name it and the best were produced from this very place.



An amalgamation of luxury, history and a lot of art, Europe houses some of the best cathedrals, vineyards, nightlife and celebrated fashion houses. With so much to offer, it is nearly impossible to cover each and every place in one trip or even two.

The culturally rich continent features a lot of monuments and jewels of the World. Budapest is that one destination which slowly but steadily has climbed up the ladder of becoming one of the most visited tourist spots.




The capital of Hungary, Budapest, is considered as the “Paris of the East”. It is also the home to various many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This beautiful city always existed but it only came into being back in 1872 when independent towns, Old Buda, Buda and Pest came together to become the beating heart of Hungary. You need at least 4-5 days to explore the whole of Budapest and by whole we mean, everything


The city clearly has a lot to offer and if you’re planning your next vacation then here’s everything that you need to know about this stunning existence.

Listed below are places that you MUST visit whenever you take a trip to Budapest


Gellert Bath



Definitely one of the grandest spas in the city.

The Gellert Bath features an open-air pool, a Finnish sauna and plunge pool. The complex was built between 1912-1918 but it sustained major damage during World War II.



Buda Castle and Castle Hill



For every history geek, this place is a must visit. The Castle Hill is home to a lot of historical monuments and museums from the Medieval time.

Buda castle on the other hand is a huge 200 room placed which was built to protect the Mongol and Tartar attacks. You can also visit the Budapest History Museum and Hungarian National Gallery.



The Danube Promenade



The walk which will surely give you goosebumps. The Danube walkway from the Elizabeth Bridge to the Chain Bridge will give you a sight to the many key places in the capital.

The Shoes on the Danube bank memorial is a series of 60 pairs of steel shoes commemorating the Jews that were shot here by the Nazis


St. Stephen’s Basilica



One of the most important religious sites in Hungary.

Visitors who come to this religious place are asked to keep their knees and shoulders covered. Classical music, organ concerts are common in the Basilica.



Faust Wine Cellars



Wine is basically the synonym to Europe. If your wandering around in this continent then wine is a must have.

This place is a historic wine cellar located underneath the Buda Castle. You can taste the traditional Hungarian fruit palinka and some of the best wines from the 22 regions from Hungary.



Ecseri Flea Market



You can never come to a place and leave empty handed. Shopping is an essential part of travelling and the Ecseri Flea Market is just the apt place.

Open to bargaining, the market sells everything from vintage clothing to souvenirs and more. 


Margaret Island



A 2.

5 km long island which sits in the middle of the Danube is a place to relax and chill. One of the most important features of this Island is the musical fountain, wherein the water dances to the music effectively.



Everything listed below has just pushed us to go and book our tickets for Budapest, like now. What you waiting for then? If you do have any more places that we must have missed then comment below and let us know.