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An Insider's Guide to Indulgence in Paris

An Insider’s Guide to Indulgence in Paris

Afternoon treats
“I like to enjoy an afternoon of coffee and cake and Angelina has the best hot chocolate ever,” says Del Pearls. The tea room has been open since 1903, and its lavish fit-out and menu have made it a popular destination for French aristocracy, artists and style-makers ever since, including guests such as Marcel Proust and Coco Chanel. “It’s in front of a beautiful park so you can go for a nice walk afterwards,” says Del Pearls. “It’s a very local experience – we go there for pastries.”

Classic cocktails
After a show, Del Pearls often enjoys a drink in central Paris – somewhere quiet and atmospheric where the locals go. “I like going to a little bar near Pigalle [metro station] called Dr Lupin,” she says. “It’s small but the décor is really vintage and it does good cocktails. My favourite is the Whiskey Sour.”

A night of burlesque
A long-standing bastion of flamboyant and glamorous expression, genuine burlesque in France is about much more than being risqué.

“With a burlesque performance, we want the audience to travel, to make a journey,” says Del Pearls of Le Burlesque Klub. “We really put a lot of attention into our costumes – the fabric, sparkles, jewels, the glamour. We use a lot of vintage looks, from the ’30s, the Jazz Age, and 1940s Hollywood stars. It’s all about recreating the fantasy of those periods. We want them to dream.”

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