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CNN names eastern Caribbean islands among 'world's most overlooked'

CNN names eastern Caribbean islands among ‘world’s most overlooked’


Three country’s in the eastern Caribbean have made CNN’s list of the world’s most overlooked islands.

Barbuda, Dominica and Grenada join far-flung spots such as Mauritius and Cocos Keeling in the round-up of “vacations more noteworthy.”

Writer Tara Donaldson says that “if the thought of people-littered beaches is too much to bear, there’s Grenada. Beaches are bountiful on the Spice Island, so named because it supplies 20% of the world’s nutmeg.

Benjamin Parker

“Grand Anse may be the most recommended, but Paradise Beach has a beauty and seclusion all its own.”

She also recommends day trips to Carriacou, or joining in the festivities during Spice Mas every August.

‘More zen than zeal’

Dominica should not be confused with its better known Caribbean compadre, the Dominica Republic.

Instead, according to Donaldson, the Nature Island – with its geothermal Champagne reef for snorkelling – is “the destination to pick for those interested in a little more land life, like hiking.”

The lure comes from the country’s 300 miles of trails through Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and along the Waitukubuli National Trail, past volcanoes, mud baths, waterfalls and wildlife.

Matthias Ripp

The nature beauty of Barbuda also helps it stake a place on the list.

Antigua’s lesser known sister isle jumps out of the shadows as a place of that is “much more about zen than zeal”, making up for a lack of attractions with “beaches well worth idling on for hours” – some of them with pink sand.

Caves on the wall featuring carvings made by the indigenous population, plus Barbuda’s reputation as one of Princess Diana’s hideaway, make it even more of a special spot.

Elsewhere on the list are the other Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Tobago.

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