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Documentary series to promote tourism in Egypt launched

Documentary series to promote tourism in Egypt launched

CAIRO – 12 May 2019: Ministry of Tourism launched Saturday a new promotional campaign in cooperation with the Italian MediaSet channels group, which will air a series of documentary films about Egyptian tourist destinations and attractions.

Set to be aired on Freedom OrtleIl Confine channel, the series will be presented by Italian presenter Roberto Giacobbo, who is one of the most famous presenters of tourist programs in Italy, and Egyptologist ZahiHawass.

During the launch of the campaign, some scenes of the documentary films screened; the films will be aired onthe Italian TV and the official social media pages of the General Authority for Tourism Development.

The films capture scenes of archeological sites, including the Giza Pyramids. Sebastian Lombardi, the head of Italian Channel 4 (Rete 4), said that they worked with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism “to show the beauty of Egypt and its civilization depicted in the construction of the pyramids.”

He added that they are trying “to explore Egypt in a differentand attractive way amid the momentum of its civilization.The program will talk about the Egyptian beauty and history. Tourists have a lot of expectationsand interest in knowing more about Egypt’s ancient civilization.”

This campaign comes within the framework of the government’s effortsto diversify marketing and promotional mechanisms for tourism in Egypt by launching partnerships with famous programs to reach the target audience.

One of the important pillars of the ministry’s strategy to promote for tourism in Egypt is the use of modern tools and methods to provide a modern image rather than stereotyped one about the sector. The ministry used social media for marketing and signed agreements with bloggers to promote for Egyptian destinations.

On Saturday, CNN news network displayed an ad promotingtourism to Egypt, three days after the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism signed a deal with the US agency for producing a series of films about touristic places in Egypt.

The 2.2-minute ad shows many charming and exhilarating places in Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, Saint Catherine, White Desert and SharmEl Sheikh.