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From St John to Martinique, 5 Charming Caribbean Hotels to Try

From St John to Martinique, 5 Charming Caribbean Hotels to Try


We’ve made no secret for our love of the Caribbean’s smaller hotels, where travelers can dig deep into the authentic charm of the Caribbean. But there are more such properties than one can count — meaning we never get tired of sharing them with our readers. Here are five charming little hotels in the Caribbean to check into right now.

One word: “oui.”

Hotel Plein Soleil, Martinique You journey past the cane fields and down a dirt road until you reach this hillside escape that boasts the most beautiful rooms in all of Martinique. This is a place for serenity, where tranquility meets the height of French Caribbean cool (and make sure you choose one of the rooms with their own private plunge pools). The restaurant is among the island’s best, too.

Barbuda Belle, Barbuda There are few places in the world where you will find beaches like those in Barbuda, the sort of blindingly white, impossibly wide stretches of sand that seem to exist only in movies. But this island is very much real — and so is Barbuda’s comeback — and the beautiful little Barbuda Belle is the best way to experience it. In other words, it’s time to visit again.

Estate Lindholm, St John, US Virgin Islands Certain Caribbean destinations manage to tug that much more on the heartstrings, to make you think that much longer about never going home. St John has long been one of them, with an adoring visitor base that’s in love with the island as much as its residents are. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Estate Lindholm, the historic boutique that’s equal parts inn, equal parts beed and breakfast and universally beloved by its guests.

Sugar Mill Hotel, Tortola, British Virgin Islands The Sugar Mill has long been Tortola’s destination eatery, the sort of grand, historic restaurant whose dinner often becomes the highlight of a traveler’s visit. But this eatery is also home to a lovely little boutique hotel, with 24 rooms across 8 buildings just steps across from the water. It’s a trip back in time, and one for which you may only want to buy a one-way ticket.

Hope Town Harbour Lodge, Abaco, The Bahamas Abaco is beautiful and friendly, and this classic Bahamian retreat exemplifies the lifestyle of this still-under-the-radar archipelago. There are just 25 rooms filled with light, color and breezy charm — and access to a terrific beach in the heart of one of the most beautiful towns in The Bahamas.