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Going on a foreign trip? Here's why travel insurance is an absolute must

Going on a foreign trip? Here’s why travel insurance is an absolute must

After a lot of hard work and months of savings, you are finally days away from your dream foreign trip. From booking the most scenic hotel online to chalking out the perfect itinerary by handpicking the popular places to visit – you think you have got all covered.

But have you opted for a travel insurance which can be your biggest friend in a situation of crisis?  From lost baggage to any medical emergencies to delayed/cancelled trips and flight misses, a good travel insurance covers it all. If you are a frequent traveller, there are insurances tailored for such ne too. If you are going with family or even on a solo trip, don’t think twice before opting for travel insurance.

A big part of travel insurance is securing your medical ne in a foreign land. Many people don’t realise that treatment in US, UK and many other foreign countries is extremely expensive. Without insurance, you can burn a sizeable hole in your wallet, if there is a medical emergency. But travel insurance provides you with the cushion to ensure hassle- and risk-free travel.

Be it the Eiffel Towers or the Vatican, Europe remains one of the popular destinations for Indians. And to avail Schengen visa for going to Europe, travel insurance is compulsory. Travellers have to get minimum coverage of 30,000 Euro. A company like Bharti AXA General Insurance has dedicated travel insurance plans for Schengen countries. For validity from 2 to 180 days, there are several sub-plans available depending on the nature of coverage you are looking for.For more than 180 days, plans can be made available on case to case basis.

Even for countries where travel insurance is not necessary, it is prudent to take it. In foreign trips, most people have a tight schedule often with multiple connecting flights to go from one dream destination to another. However, the entire itinerary can go haywire due to delayed or cancelled flights. But with good travel insurance, you can afford to relax. It completely covers such cases ensuring that you don’t face any financial burden for no fault of yours. 

In the tragic case of a death in a foreign country, travel insurance covers the cost of bringing the body home. It also provides coverage in case a seriously ill patient has to be rushed back home. 

There are extra brownie points for insurances that offer cash for emergency use to travellers, burglary and fire insurance for one’s home when the person is travelling and provision for a compassionate visit, in case a family member is hospitalized in a foreign country. 

Also, if you are going to a remote area, a travel insurance is always the smart option to avail. If you are going on a family tour, it makes more sense to opt for a family travel insurance than a separate policy for each member. Not only it reduces paperwork, you have to pay less premium and is also very handy in cases of loss baggage including passport. 

For frequent flyers to foreign countries, there is an option of multi-trip insurance. It generally works on a yearly basis. No matter how many times you fly abroad, you will be covered against any unforeseen situation. 

Even for legal hassles, travel insurance is helpful in covering the necessary costs. If a person has died or suffered injury due to an accident, the travel insurance will provide coverage in case a case is filed to get compensation. 

So, while making the final checklist for a foreign trip, along with your passport, medicines, selfie-stick and shades, don’t forget to pick a good travel insurance. Bon, voyage!

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