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Gunungkidul set to promote spa tourism

Gunungkidul set to promote spa tourism

In an effort to boost spa tourism in Ngalanggeran tourist village, Gunungkidul, a total of 20 local women from Purba Ayu Spa have been chosen to receive training from Putri Kedaton Team led by Lastiyani Warih Wulandari.

These women are set to become a therapist for Gunung Api Purba Spa tour package, hence would be taught the skills of massaging, such as foot, hand and back massages.

The group will also learn how to create scrub and mask products, as well as spa food and beverages.

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Lastiyani herself has been doing a lot of women-empowerment activities in villages in Yogyakarta, such as Sleman and Gunungkidul. As she head of Yogyakarta’s Indonesian Spa Therapists Association (ASTI), she’s on a mission to promote the image of spa as a clean and healthy activity with certified therapists.

By turning Gunungkidul into a spa haven, it is hoped that tourists will take a longer stay there since up until now people often visit the area for a one-day trip only.

Gunungkidul itself is famous as home to 50 beaches located along the southern coast. For example, Siung Beach is known as one the best sites for rock-climbing in the ASEAN region, Nglambor Beach is popular for snorkeling activity, Jogan Beach has a waterfall facing the Indian Ocean, and Sundak Beach is known for its lobsters.

Lately, Gunungkidul is also known as a place for cave tubing. There are three caves where visitors can do this activity, namely Pindul, Bejiharjo and Kalisuci caves. (kes)

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