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How to Go Glamping in Antigua

How to Go Glamping in Antigua


By the Caribbean Journal staff

The glamping, or luxury camping, trend has made its way to the Caribbean in recent years, most recently at the now-legendary Anegada Beach Club in the British Virgin Islands.

And now it’s made its way to Antigua.

This is Wild Lotus Antigua, a luxury beach camp set on one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, Valley Church Beach.

The 13×13 or 16×16-foot tents are big enough to stand and walk around in, with comfortable double b and furniture – and chilled white wine and cheese upon arrival.

Beginning Nov. 1, the luxury tents will also have private showers available.

It’s a way to deeply immerse yourself into the Antigua beach experience, with cool breezes, the sounds of the waves and an experience like no other on the island.

For more, visit Wild Lotus Antigua.

— CJ