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Local travel adviser says coronavirus spread should not discourage travelers

Local travel adviser says coronavirus spread should not discourage travelers

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) — A novel strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected nearly 80,000 people in at least 32 countries. That includes 35 people in the U.S. and a growing number in Italy and Iran.

As the disease spreads across Asia and Europe, future travelers may be concerned about the possibility of contracting the virus on vacations or business trips.

While the increase of coronavirus cases may seem intimidating, Cindy Jones, with Earman and Associates Travel, said future travelers shouldn’t feel the need to cancel their plans.

“We are here to do what our clients want us to do, so if they’re not comfortable going and they either want to re-book or change their destination or cancel their trip, that’s what we’ll work with them to get done,” Jones said.

Jones said the agency receives questions every day from clients about traveling during the outbreak and how they should do so safely.

“Visit the CDC website, visit the WHO website,” Jones said. “They have information on the most current travel warnings and alerts for this situation and they actually have advice on there for travelers, both domestically and internationally.”

According to the WHO, using face masks alone won’t prevent someone from contracting the coronavirus. The WHO said masks can be used along with good hand hygiene and other preventative measures.

“They are recommending the only people that wear masks are people that are sick,” Jones said. “We’ve had people that say, ‘Should we wear a mask on our flight?’ No.”

Jones said only a few people have canceled or postponed their trip because of personal reasons or travel restrictions, but travelers won’t be able to get their money back, even if they have travel insurance.

Travel insurance is in existence, especially for medical reasons if your physician advises you that you cannot travel, just because I’m scared,” Jones said. “That’s not going to be a covered reason for cancellation.”

She said some clients are holding off for now.

“We had some other folks that were thinking about traveling somewhere that actually held off on doing their deposit until they see how [the coronavirus] progresses,” Jones said.

Nearly all of the cases are contained in China, which has put into place severe travel restrictions and quarantines, so Jones said if you aren’t traveling to China, you should be fine.