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Museum of Ice Cream Launches Equally Instagram-Worthy Store in New York

Museum of Ice Cream Launches Equally Instagram-Worthy Store in New York

The Museum of Ice Cream took the world—particularly Instagram—by storm in its 2016 debut when the company launched pop-up locations around the country, in addition to its permanent location in San Francisco. The company expanded further Wednesday with The Pint Shop.

People were attracted to the bright, colorful and interactive experience the museum offered visitors, making it a viral hit on Instagram. Their following grew to nearly 400,000 followers, growing in popularity nationwide. Visitors that venture to New York‘s Pint Shop can expect a similar journey, but this time it showcases a re-envisioned version of grocery shopping within a store.

“When we launched Museum of Ice Cream in 2016, we set forth to unite the world through imagination and creativity,” Maryellis Bunn, Museum of Ice Cream founder and creative director, said in a statement issued to Newsweek. “I set out to create The Pint Shop as a place where you can curate your own experience to in real life, and among your peers. The launch of The Pint Shop is a new experience under the umbrella of [the museum], which celebrates the accessibility and democracy that ice cream brings.”

The Museum of Ice Cream opened an interactive grocery store called The Pint Shop in New York on June 6. The shop sells the museum‘s debut ice cream line. Griffin Lipson


The Pint Shop is complete with fun-packed ice cream installations and decorative aisles, but the real takeaway from the store is the company’s original ice cream line. The team spent one year creating its line of seven pints. They are sourced with the highest quality ingredients. Each aisle is dedicated to one of the company’s original ice cream flavors.

While visitors can enjoy MOIC’s ice cream flavors for $4.99 a pint, they can also register to attend The Pint Shop’s tasting room, where they can go on an in-depth tasting experience in an interactive classroom. Reservations for the next tasting open on June 18.

There is a way to partake in The Pint Shop’s offerings without being in New York. Pints will retail at Targets nationwide beginning July 8.

“It was Museum of Ice Cream and Target’s d values of joy, inclusivity and creativity that brought the two together. In 2016, Target visited the first Museum of Ice Cream in New York City and knew it was something special,” Target said in a statement obtained by Newsweek. “This will be the first time the Museum of Ice Cream ice cream will be available at a retailer. With this partnership, people nationwide will be able to experience the beloved Museum of Ice Cream signature aesthetic right at their local Target store, just in time for summer.”

The Pint Shop is free and open for all to attend.

An employee from the Museum of Ice Cream’s The Pint Shop is pictured in a massive, ice cream shaped installation that boasts a mini ball pit filled with plastic cherries. Griffin Lipson

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