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Skywalk over the Vltava to open Prague's Letní Letná festival

Skywalk over the Vltava to open Prague’s Letní Letná festival

Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga, photo: archive of Letní Letná
“The world-known funambulist Tatiana will cross the Vltava River. Her
walk in the sky will be taking place at a height of 35 metres and she will
walk along a 350-metre tight rope running from the Faculty of Law over the
river to the Letná park.

“This event will symbolically open the 16th edition of the festival. It
is open to the public for free and you can find a map of the best
viewpoints on our website. So anyone who is in Prague and is interested in
the event is welcome to attend.”

Apart from the tight rope walker, what else is there on the programme
during the opening night?

Cirque Alfons – ‘Tabarnac’, photo: Alexandre Galliez / Letní Letná
“After her show at Letní Letná Park, there will be several open-air
performances, also for free. One of them is Shamaniac by Blackout Paradox,
inspired by shamanism and mysticism. Also performing for free will be the
young duo Zuzana Drábová from Cink Cink Cink and Jan Jirák from Feel the

“There will also be an amazing band playing at the bar at the end, so
everyone who wants to get a taste of contemporary circus should come to
this celebration.”

What are some of the other highlights at this year’s Letní Letná?

“There is a Canadian group Cirque Alfons coming for the second time with
their new performance Tabarnac. This performance is almost sold out, so
everyone who wants to see it should run to the box office.

“But my personal favourite is a performance by 17 women acrobats who come
from all over the world. It is called Projet.PDF and it is a really amazing
performance, where you can feel the female energy.”

Letní Letná also focuses on children. What are some of the events
suitable for kids?

“Of course the festival also has a rich programme for children and there
are many performances for youngsters during the day.

“Kids and their parents can also try different workshops with a member of
Cirkus LeGrando or Cirqueon or an interactive installation of a Catalan
company Guixot de 8.

“So there are many things to do during the day. It is something like a
creative picnic.”