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Someone is going around leaving anti-trans stickers across London

Someone is going around leaving anti-trans stickers across London

Anti-trans stickers saying ‘women don’t have penises’ have been appearing throughout London

One of the stickers was put up at the Clerkenwell offices of Stonewall, a charity that campaigns for the equality of the LGBT community.

It has since been removed.

They sure don’t! pic.twitter.com/sKBO7YXbJm

— Anne Ruzylo XX ❌ ♀️⚕️🇮🇪🇮🇹🇵🇱 (@sargesalute) August 5, 2018

Other locations have included the offices of The Guardian and The Observer, a billboard of Elizabeth I and on a window displaying a lingerie model.

Aimee Challenor, 20, a trans activist, told Metro.co.uk: ‘They’re fairy crass and abusive, especially as they have been targeting the Stonewall offices, who are one of the largest LGBT charities.

‘It’s is a way of whipping up hatred among the community and many of us think it is childish and disgusting.

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‘This especially puts trans people at risk.

‘In the past few months there has been a move towards trans phobia in the UK and it has left us wondering what is next.

‘In the US for example, people have been killed just because they are trans.

Aimee Challenor, 20, a trans activist, said the stickers are ‘an attempt to make us go back in the closet’ (Picture: Peter Lopeman)

‘It has left us concerned and some of us in the public eye have taken additional security steps.

‘But this has not left me fearful, I am still going to live my life and we are not letting this stop us.

‘It is an attempt to make us go back in the closet.

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‘Whoever has done this wants trans people, especially trans women, to be silent, and they want us to be scared because they are hateful.

‘It is inaccurate because some women do have penises, not every trans women is able to go through gender reassignment surgery (GRS).’

The Twitter user who posted the images, Anne Ruzylo, captioned the images: ‘They sure don’t!’, in apparent support of the stickers.

She has also called the stickers ‘childish’ (Picture: Getty)

In her bio, she has the hashtag #GetTheLOut, in affiliation with the anti-trans group Get the L Out, who disrupted this year’s London pride parade by lying down in the middle of the road in protest against ‘lesbian erasure’.

A spokesperson for Get the L Out have told Pink News they are not responsible for the stickers.

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Aimee added: ‘I think it highlights the fact there are no real arguments from transphobes and they are having to rely on childish insults to make their point.

‘Now this has backfired and it has cost them support.

‘If anyone sees this, they should know there is support available.

‘Talk to your friends, talk to your family or find a charity.

‘Don’t let the haters get you down’.

Metro.co.uk has attempted to contact Anne Ruzylo, but has so far received no response.

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