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The Best Luxury & Ethical Tourism Safari Spots in Africa

Eco-tourism and ethical tourism are big business today, and that’s because they reflect a growing trend in which more and more people are focussing on animal rights and the environment, and with good reason. The explosive growth of veganism and alternative energy sources should be enough to show us that this trend is here to stay.

But at the same time, most of us are interested in the world around us, and that often means that we want to see nature in all of its glory and to witness the wildlife that we’re trying to save. Safari providers – and luxury providers in particular – are starting to catch on to this, which is why we are starting to see more and more options for the wildlife-friendly and eco-conscious travellers amongst us.

Here are just a few of the best African luxury safari spots that you’ll want to bear in mind if you’re looking to see the world while reducing your impact on wildlife and the environment.

1.      Botswana

Looking for a Botswana Luxury Safari? You’ll be able to find everything from yoga safaris for RR to kosher safaris and other packages where the food is tailored to your ne, as well as just the safari experience. The best Botswana luxury safari providers are used to hosting visitors from all over the world and with all sorts of different cultural beliefs and dietary requirements. Plus the country is one of the hidden jewels of Africa.

2.      Zambia

If Botswana isn’t to your liking, why not pay a visit to Zambia? In particular, the South Luangwa National Park is worth a visit, because it has a decent reputation when it comes to the way it treats its animals – and which has a thriving animal population as a result of it. If you’re interested in birdwatching then we recommend booking a trip out of season, because the prices are lower and the bird population is at its largest.

3.      Tanzania

Another great option for an ethical African safari is to book a Tanzania Luxury Safari. East Africa has some of the best views and the most unique wildlife on the continent, with many providers offering specialist services such as balloon safaris or camping experiences. Camping in particular can be a great way to get back in touch with the land – just make sure that you take any litter with you.


4.      Uganda

If you only get a chance to visit one destination, try to make it the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Be warned, though – it’s not called impenetrable without reason. Located right on the edge of the Rift Valley, it’s also surrounded by dense rainforest and great nature trails which are hilly and sometimes muddy.   That’s one of the reasons why its home to 23 family units of gorillas as well as 350 species of birds.

5.      Namibia

If the rainforest isn’t quite your thing, how about the arid plains of Namibia? North Namibia is home to a salt pan so big you can see it from space, and you can expect to see all sorts of savannah based animals like lions, hyenas and cheetahs. It’s like a real life Lion King out there, and you can also sleep soundly at night in the knowledge that most of the wildlife preserves that offer luxury safaris are reinvesting their profits into conservation.

Now that you know just a few of the best animal-friendly luxury safari spots, the next step is for you to start planning your holiday and working on an itinerary. The good news is that as long as you ask the right questions and reach out to companies who have good reputations and stellar customer reviews, you’ll be in a safe pair of hands.

Better still, by helping to support safari companies, many of which are either founded by or in support of non-profit organisations, you bring much-needed money into the area. This money can then be reinvested, whether it’s in reforestation programmes or whether it’s in breeding programmes for at risk animals. And then you’ll be able to enjoy your luxury safari without worrying about your impact on the environment. Happy travels.

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