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Top Picks: The World’s Best Galleries and Museums to Explore Virtually From Your Couch

Top Picks: The World’s Best Galleries and Museums to Explore Virtually From Your Couch

Check out the blockbuster exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria

Take a curator-led virtual tour of this famous Melbourne gallery via its website and social media channels. See the current blockbuster exhibits Keith Haring | Jean-Michel Basquiat: Crossing Lines and KAWS: Companionship in the Age of Loneliness, including behind-the-scenes documentaries and interviews with artists, designers and curators. There’s also a stack of hands-on activity sheets and interactive games for kids.

Become an expert on Spanish, Italian and Flemish art at Madrid’s Museo del Prado

Each day this splendid museum uploads videos from its galleries to Facebook and Instagram. You won’t understand what the curators are saying if you don’t speak Spanish, but you’ll still enjoy seeing masterpieces from the Spanish, Italian and Flemish schools of art (the museum houses more than 8000 pieces), including plenty of Goya.

Cook in unison, join an artist party and more with Sydney’s 2020 Biennale

While the biennale isn’t a physical institution, this epic art event (which was scheduled to run from March 14 to June 8) has enough happening online to warrant a mention here. The 2020 biennale launched the same week the lockdowns began, but instead of simply cancelling it, it moved online. The online program runs from April 6 to June 8, and each day of the week will cover one of the seven themes. Mondays will begin with a focus on bila (an Indigenous word for river, interpreted here as the natural environment), with podcasts and playlists to create the mood for the week. On Wednesdays artists from across the globe will host social-media takeovers and parties on the festival’s Instagram account, and on weekends artists and community leaders will their favourite recipes and encourage people to cook in unison.

Give Moma’s Virtual View series a whirl
New York’s Moma) has some of the world’s most recognisable artworks – Van Gogh’s The Starry Night and Monet’s Water Lilies among them. While it’s closed it’s running a Virtual Views series, taking digital visitors through an exhibition or artwork via videos, QAs with curators, playlists and articles. The first Virtual Views session on April 9 will revolve around the theme of home movies, inspired by the exhibition Private Lives, Public Spaces. Curators will guide audiences through the history and emotions behind amateur films, stream videos from the exhibition, and encourage viewers to make their own films at home. The museum has also compiled a playlist of songs about works of art, including Don McLean’s Vincent and Simon Garfunkel’s So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright.