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Travelling to Europe to Meet Women

Travelling to Europe to Meet Women

Are you single? Spending lonely nights with boring SUDOKU, monotonous beer mug and searching out for a destination which rewards you with a stunning girl and ravishing nights?

Here is the perfect destination for you – Europe, the land of gorgeous beaches, picturesque mountains, heavenly cuisines, and sensual beauty. The experience of dating girls from Europe will give you a breathtaking memory for a lifetime.

American girls vs. European girls:

Dating a European girl is always more interesting than dating an American girl.

Choose a restaurant: While choosing a restaurant, the initiative is generally from her side where to go. She might pick any restaurant depending on her choice of food. On the other hand, a European girl will always go by your choice. She will happily let you decide where to go for a dinner date.
Reaching the restaurant: An American girl will always like to meet directly at the eatery, where a European girl will usually like you to pick her up from her place for the date.
Choice of food and beverage: If an American girl is hungry, she won’t ever care about what you prefer to eat, she will firmly declare her choice of food. At the same time, if she is European, you are the one who can decide the menu.
The way of talking: An American girl is like an open book; she will directly tell you whether she likes you or not and won’t mind being a little flirty at times. If we talk about the European girls, she is like an unsolved puzzle. She has a typical mysterious approach which will make you crazy.
The “attitude”: We, the human beings have a natural tendency of chasing secrets. A European girl is always like a riddle. She will never ask you for a second date unless the approach is from your side; she will never tell you whether she likes you unless you talk about the same. You can’t expect these attitudes from an American girl.
The attributes: Usually American women are flabby and out of shape from the bottom part of their body. If we talk about European girl, most of them have a beautiful attribute, an hourglass shape which becomes more attractive because of their revealing clothing.

In the video below, Todd V does a good job summarizing the main differences between American and European girls.

Europe has a large verity of ravishing beauties. Tall, blue-eyed blonds from Iceland, Slavic featured hotties from Poland, gorgeous beauties from Ukraine, Luscious Serbian charms, hot-blooded Greek girls, appealing Spanish and olive skinned Romanian girls will draw you to the ocean of love.

So, don’t wait anymore, and get your bag packed….love is calling you.

Key things to remember

Please remember a few things. Always be courteous when you go for a date with a European girl; they give a lot of value to the good sense of courtesy.

Try to read out her facial expressions. That will help you to understand what she is thinking about you. If she smiles at you, looks at you frequently, fidgets very often, tries to touch you, text back instantly and hint you that she is very much single, then the ball is in your court! She likes you, dude!

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in learning more about Girls from various countries in Europe, then my friend Rob Simpson has written some in-depth guides about meeting European girls! He even covers the best nightclubs and bars for taking a girl on a date in the various popular European cities. My personal favorite is his guides for dating German women.

Get ready for the vacation, have a safe trip and enjoy the experience of dating girls from Europe with a smile on your dial.

I hope you will remember this awesome trip forever.