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VI Group of Companies CEO at Asia Leaders Forum: Travelooza 3

VI Group of Companies CEO at Asia Leaders Forum: Travelooza 3

VI Group of Companies CEO at Asia Leaders Forum: Travelooza 3

By The Manila Times

September 03, 2019

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The biggest series of any corporate forums is under Asia Leaders Forum where there’s different topics per event distributed for the whole year.

Arch. Kaydee Marie Velasco

Just recently, Asia Leaders Forum: Travelooza 3 with a focus on Food, Hospitality, Tourism and Green Infrastructure has been held at Makati Shangrila Hotel with the CEO of VI Group of Companies as one of the speakers. Architect Kaydee Marie Velasco, the young entrepreneur and awardee last year under Asia Leaders Awards discussed the need of green infrastructure for sustainable tourism.

According to Arch. Kaydee Velasco, “Infrastructure plays a vital role in Tourism as foreign visitors likes to stay in strong, hazard free, environment friendly hotels, inns and buildings. KMV Asia, one of our companies are pushing for green infrastructure not just for foreign tourists but for the Filipinos as well for long term benefits. Locals and tourists loves great parks, beautiful botanic gardens, shady riverside parks and intimate squares with spreading trees. My team would like to make great landscape for great cities with green spaces now and for the next generation.”

The deputy ambassador from Malaysia, Rizany Irwan also discusses the best practices in his home country to compare and improve the tourism in the Philippines. Some discussions includes;

Krista Mae Velasco, Robert Laurel Yupangco, Ofrace Ocampo, Arch. Kaydee Velasco and Engr. Grace Bondad NicolasRobert Laurel Yupangco, RJ Ledesma, Les Reyes, Paulo Tibig, Ambassador oh Korea Dongman Han, Ofrace Ocampo, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, Ruben Lanot, Dr. Elton See Tan, Arch. Kaydee Velasco, Krista Mae Velasco

• Philippine tourism policy and direction with the goal of contributing to the ongoing, sustainable growth of PH economy
• Managing programs and activities to sustain a healthy visitor industry
• Developing and implementing the PH Tourism Strategic Plan and tourism strategy
• Coordinating tourism-related research, planning, promotional and outreach activities with the public and private sectors
• Green infrastructure and it’s importance for our tourism and environmental factors

Speakers who joined the event includes;
• Deputy Ambassador Rizany Irwan of Malaysia
• Ambassador Dongman Han of Korea

Secretary Raul Lambino of CEZA
• RJ Ledesma of Mercato Centrale
• Lance Tan of The Happy Beach Cebu, The Inflatable Island Subic and The Dessert Museum
• Robert Yupangco of Philippine Korea Council (Vice Chairman)
• Dr. Elton See Tan of Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries (Past Chairman and Senior Adviser)
• Tan Yu III of Makati Tourism Inc (Secretary General)
• Arch. Kaydee Velasco of KMV Asia (CEO)
• Ofrace Ocampo CEO of Sitsirya
• Zaide Kassim,Tourism Director (Embassy of Malaysia)
• Krista Mae Velasco CEO of Mrs V

The objective of the event is for the guests to learn more from these industry leaders and to continuously promote the Philippines as the premier hub and destination in Asia.