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Welcome to the latest edition of Eco Africa

Welcome to the latest edition of Eco Africa

This week’s Eco Africa brings you creative and exciting solutions to some of today’s most challenging environmental issues in Africa and beyond. 

First up we head to South Africa to check out the mission to save the country’s endangered flamingos. At the Cape Town based bird rehab flamingo chicks, recently rescued from a dam, are finding protection and a brighter future.  

Finding sustainable and affordable solutions to growing demand for housing is a problem facing many countries across the world. Could homes made from straw and clay be part of the solution? In Germany a project is building homes that are both recyclable and energy efficient. 

Planning on going on a safari? Well in the future this could be done in electric safari vehicles. In Kenya, new zero-emission vehicles hope to protect wildlife and the environment in the country’s parks

For Doing Your Bit this week we are in France, where two inventors have developed a striking looking e-boat. They plan to use the boat as a water taxi in central Paris. 

In Uganda as the government introduced a plastic bag ban, a group of women got together to develop a more sustainable alternative. Their project makes paper bags from bananas and has been so popular it is now exporting goods beyond the continent. 

And last but not least, we head to the Ivory coast to check out how locals, NGOs and the police are all joining forces to help protect turtles from illegal poaching of the animal’s eggs. 

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