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Who are you calling Dumbo? Grumpy baby elephant has epic standoff with tourists on South African safari

Who are you calling Dumbo? Grumpy baby elephant has epic standoff with tourists on South African safari

Baby elephant irritated as safari vehicle is in his path at reserve in South AfricaElephant mock charges at vehicle and shows his strength by flaring earsAmused tourists filmed the funny encounter as they took safari ride

Victoria Bell For Mailonline

12:15 GMT, 6 March 2018




This amusing video shows a baby elephant getting more than a bit irritated as a safari jeep is blocking his path at a game reserve in South Africa.

The funny clip, captured in August, was filmed by tourist Lesley Smith while on an animal watching trip with friends.

The adorable young elephant comes into shot and on seeing the jeep, stomps his feet and furiously swings his trunk.

In an effort to intimidate his rivals, the animal tries to make himself appear larger by flaring his flopping ears.

He then can be seen making an attempt to charge at the vehicle but appears to stop himself and moves on in the opposite direction.

Tourists can be heard laughing off-screen and taking pictures of the cute animal as he stomps off in a huff with one asking her pal: ‘What is your obsession with elephants?’

Luckily, the elephant thought better of his attack and the jeep-full of tourists were unharmed after their safari trip. 

Out of the way! The elephant stamps his feet and flares his ears to make himself appear larger than he is. At one point, even preparing to charge at the vehicle

I’ll do it! The irritated animal furiously swings his trunk in an attempt to scare off the jeep-load of tourists

Walk away! Defeated, the cute elephant turns to walk in the opposite direction after his strop


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